And The Winner Is. . .



Even though we had several people guess the correct animal Amanda was the first to get her comment on the blog and will get her free print within a week! Congratulations!!

Also, a BIG round of applause to all the contestants!! Thank you all for participating in my little game of “Guess Who?”

But, before the big reveal. . .

⇒Art Tip For Today⇐

I think I mentioned in an earlier post about looking for other resources for instruction or inspiration, but I’d like to mention this guy in particular:

He also has a YouTube channel that has been influential in my artwork and I go back almost every week looking for a new tutorial because this guy is amazing! If you’re wanting to learn some new skills with Pen & Ink check him out!

. . . And now, what you’ve all been waiting for:

Presenting, Mommy & Me Raccoons!


(P.S. It won’t be so easy next time!! ;))

Your Illustrator Friend,



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