Something Special!!


I’ve been thinking that it would be fun to make this a more interactive experience for you, my readers, so let’s have a little friendly competition!

The first person who can correctly guess the animal in this sketch for the next “Mommy & Me” picture gets a free print of whichever one (1) “Mommy & Me” picture they like the best!
Your answer must be typed in the comments on this blog, if you comment on Facebook or twitter I will not count it.

But first:

⇒Art Tip for Today⇐

Instead of drawing or sketching in your usual place (for me that’s inside my bedroom at my drawing table) find somewhere else to go where you’ve never sketched before. Sit outside by a stream or lake, find a cafe you can sit at and people sketch, go to a downtown area or somewhere that has older buildings and practice drawing some intricate architecture. There are so many cool places to explore and tons of details to capture, so get out there!!


….. Back to business.


Aaaaand GO!!



Happy guessing!!

Your Illustrator Friend,





12 Replies to “Something Special!!”

  1. Awwww, I am too late with my raccoon guess!!!

  2. I thought they were raccoons, too. They are so cute!!

  3. Well since raccoon and fox have already been guessed, I will guess wolverine.

  4. The flying squirrels sounds VERY interesting to me also!!

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