Watercolor Illustration goal: MET!


Hey Everyone!

So, in my last post I challenged my readers to set a goal for themselves and to complete that goal within three weeks. Well, the end of that three weeks is today! For myself, I had decided to get one watercolor piece completely finished.
Well, I am pleasantly surprised at myself for completing this challenge (even though it’s a small one,) and I hope to complete many more in the future.

This piece is concept art for a story I am currently writing entitled, “Lady Gators” which is hopefully going to be a smashing success  finished soon and ready to be submitted.


This was rendered in watercolor (no ink this time!) and I’m really pleased with the results. I’ll probably make the colors a little deeper next time so that when they’re scanned into the computer (as they are above) the color won’t look as faded.

I wanted to give a shout out to a few people here for being really supportive and helpful with this story (sure, it might seem premature to start thanking people, but oh well. . . I want them to feel appreciated whether this story gets published or not.)

My family, for one- they live in South Carolina and were a big help with ideas on how to make the story sound/look a little more “southern” than it was to start out with; next is a couple of friends (also from SC) Cortney and Lynnsey, who helped with more details and encouragement that have been extremely helpful and awesome; And lastly, my critique group – you know who you are!- who always put up with my craziness and have seen this story A LOT lately.

So, a big ‘Thanks’ to all of you!


Was anyone else able to make their artistic goal as well? I’d love to hear about it!

⇒Art Tip For Today⇐

Don’t worry so much about what other people think.

I may have shared this tip already, but even so, it’s worth sharing again.

When I sit at my drawing table (the one my hubby got for me that I absolutely love. He’s the best!) and all I think before putting my pencil on the page is, “Oh, man. People are going to be seeing this so it needs to be perfect,” my skill goes out the window! All I can focus on is what other people are going to say about it and if they’ll think it’s “good” or not. Well, really, it’s art and art is subjective. So, even if your pal BillyBob likes it and thinks it’s the best thing he’s ever seen you could have Joe Shmoe think it looks like crap. . . See what I mean??

Try to focus on what YOU like about your artwork and how you can improve yourself because it’s worth it to YOU, not because Milliemayormaynotlikeit thinks you should put down your paintbrush or thinks you’re the greatest painter since Picasso. (Or both? Haha)

As always, thanks for stopping by and come again soon to see more new pieces and art tips!




4 Replies to “Watercolor Illustration goal: MET!”

  1. Squee! I love, love, looooove it!
    Great job on completing your goals, and that art piece is amazing.

  2. Well actually, I love this! Billybob says he’s on the fence but leaning more towards liking it too..

  3. Hi,
    I like your illustrations! I am launching a new kids video network and our production studio is looking for stories. Please contact me about turning your illustrations into videos. (This isn’t a spam message or a sales message – couldn’t find an email, please send me an email)

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