New Series!



When I posted the picture of the Mommy and Baby bears on Facebook, I never imagined the kind of response I would get! My friends and family (you know who you are!) have been an INCREDIBLE support to me and are always ready with an encouraging word!

So, this has inspired me to create a series of pieces called “Mommy & Me” to which I have added another! These have been inspired by my sister and her little boy who is absolutely adorable and squishy and cuddly and, well… You get the point. He’s as precious as a baby bear!

Thanks again for all the loving support!

⇒Art Tip For Today⇐

Do your best with what you’ve got right now. It’s easy to think if you have that pen or those certain markers you’ll become a master overnight!…. That probably won’t happen. If all you have right now is a ball point pen and a pencil that you’ve chewed the eraser off of, then start with those. Then, when you finally get the set of nice pens you’ve been wanting, you’ll already have the basics down pat!

Let’s be something!

Your Illustrator Friend,


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