Brand Spankin’ New!


That’s right, I am brand new to blogging.

I’ve decided to start this blog/website to display my portfolio of artwork and illustrations in an easily accessible way and as another resource to keep myself motivated to step it up and make my dreams a reality.

I honestly can’t even believe I’m doing this, for several reasons:

  1. I’ve always been the person who resists having a Blog (or any “fads”) because it seemed like everybody and their dog had one.
  2. I never thought I’d have anything to write that was worth reading.
  3. I didn’t think they were that important- I thought it was just a place for people to be dramatic about what was going on in their lives and have an everlasting “pity party.”

4. ….AND I didn’t know that it could be a very effective tool in networking, “getting yourself out there,” Showing your work and keeping your fans (or lack thereof,) up to date on what’s going on with your career and letting your voice be heard in a very public way that reaches a lot of people!

I will tell you, I’m not usually one for sharing my opinions publicly so there probably won’t be much of that going on. The main reason I don’t like to share things (or even my artwork sometimes,) is because I am really afraid of criticism. I tend to care waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much about what other people think that I sometimes forget to just be me, so I’ll leave you with this quote I have on a sticky-note on my drawing table:

  “To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing… and be nothing.” -Aristotle

I don’t want to be “nothing.” And I don’t want you to be nothing either.

Let’s be something: Ourselves.

Your illustrator Friend,


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