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Virtual Nature Walk- Flowers

Hi Everyone!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies who might be reading this and especially to my own mother who always encouraged me and my siblings to do what we love. Thanks, mom!

Also, I was very spoiled this year- My husband got me a blender and pots & soil for our patio garden! (I know, I know, not art supplies, but I have been very blessed to have everything I need right now to produce beautiful pieces for your viewing enjoyment ;)) Thanks, Honey!


As was requested through your votes last month, may I present this study: FLOWERS!







These were rendered using ink and watercolor pencils.

⇒Art Tip of the Day⇐

Work toward your goal. There are so many things in life that distract us from what is really important in our lives. If your goal is to be a children’s book illustrator (or writer or under-water basket weaver,) then make a plan and work toward making it happen. Get really good at what you do and find areas in you your life where you can show your stuff.


What’s next??

Give me some feedback about what you’d like to see next month in the “Nature Series”

  • Trees
  • Sea Mammals
  • Marsupials
  • Clouds



Thanks for checking out my work, hope to see you again soon!









  1. Dad

    Beautiful! Great work.

  2. Amanda

    Sea mammals!!!

  3. leslie rommann

    Very pretty
    Trees but a seahorse would be awesome too,love what you’re doing:)

  4. Kendy

    Sea mammals! I love anything involving water 🙂

  5. Carol

    Love the flowers!!! Great job. Sea mammals next 🙂

  6. elissa

    I concur… sea mammals!! But I ditto Leslie Romann, throw in a few seahorses, too!! And maybe one of those shrimps …teeheehee;)

  7. elissa

    SHRIMP. not shrimps. hahaha.


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